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All About Fairy Gardens


A Fairy Garden is a minature garden, sometimes even within a human garden, that appeals to the whimsical side of gardeners.  By using small houses and garden features in addition to live plants you can turn a corner of your garden into a magical place where fairies, gnomes and other mystical folk will want to come and play.  It's a great way to get children involved in your garden or just bring out a little of the child in YOU!


To make a Fairy Garden of your very own, you first need to decide on a location. You should keep in mind that fairies like hidden, secluded spaces. Maybe you like the shady spot under your beech tree in the back of your yard, or near the rose bush right under your front window. Or maybe you like a special spot in your library.  You decide.  Just remember that if you are using live plants, you need to allow for enough light.


Next, decide what you would like to have in your Fairy Garden. Just a couple of chairs? a camper? maybe a bridge with a little pond? a house.... or do you want to make a whole Fairy Village?


Check out our galleries to get some ideas

Garden Friends

Fairy Houses

Fairy Accesories


Or you can come in and talk to our very own Fairy Gardeners and we can get you started...


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